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I’m just so used to having a man lead worship….
February 13, 2008, 3:34 am
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This is what a member of my intern committee (the group who evaluate me throughout my year of practical learning) has said to me repeatedly. “I’m just so used to having a man lead worship”. “It takes a bit to get used to a woman up front”.

They remark on my voice, not as deep as a male’s- but still loud enough to hear.

They remark on my gestures, my presence. Not as forceful.

I do like one man’s comment that he feels the congregation is being gently gathered when I greet them in a gesture and words of peace. Like God enfolding them in God’s arms, tucking them under mothering wings.

Do I want to embody a Feminist God? I really just want to be seen as a viable option for a clergyperson. I just want to be “Pastor”.

But, if in the meantime, some folks begin to experience a God greater than the old, white male authoritarian god-picture they’ve been carrying around… I suppose that’s not all bad.


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The gently gathering comment was great- I wish my committee had moments like that. They’re doing my evaluation without me, so I’ll see in a few days what they’ve come up with. I’ve had a few struggles over the years with people asking me what kind of “woman pastor” or “female pastor” I want to be, and they get confused when I say I just want to be a Pastor. Third wave feminism can be like slogging through mud, sometimes. Blessings!

Comment by Katie B.

I know how you feel! Keep doing what you are doing and within time folks will begin to see you as “pastor” not the woman who pastors. God bless you.

Comment by pastorbrenda

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