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Valentine’s Day
February 15, 2008, 1:21 am
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Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here it is yet again. A day of pain for some people, a day of overindulging in chocolate hearts for others. Maybe a day for getting – or- giving flowers!

I spent a good deal of my evening yesterday with kiddos. As much as I sympathize with all those who feel especially lonely on this day, I really feel badly for kids. They are the ones being exploited by this holiday. They- and their parents.

I teach Arts & Crafts for K-6th grade. So, having been given a number of Valentine’s pictures and stickers, along with envelopes, I decided we’d all spend the evening making Valentine’s cards. Of course they’d all made card boxes at school and were excitedly telling me about their upcoming class parties.

I remember those days. Mom would buy me a box of whatever Valentine’s cards I chose, and a bag of candies. Then I’d sit down with my class list, write each classmate’s name on a mini-sized card, and tape a piece of candy to it. The next day my class would walk around the room, depositing cards into each student’s box, until we came to the time when we could open our cards, or just look for the good candies.

My classmates and I didn’t struggle to come up with the 5 bucks for the mandatory Valentines.

But last night, one little girl quietly said she hadn’t got any cards for her class yet. Her mom wasn’t able to get any for her. It hit me that many of these kids’ families aren’t able to afford food or rent. How can they justify buying little paper cards that will be so quickly discarded?

So who’s showing the love? At least we know the card and candy companies are getting it.

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