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NPR’s This I believe by Sara Miles
May 6, 2008, 1:09 pm
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I enjoy NPR’s “This I believe” segments and happened to click on this one today.

She speaks eloquently about her coming to Christianity, her experience with the living Jesus, and how the bread of life draws people together. She began a food pantry- distributing food from the altar in the sanctuary. What a statement!

From time to time, I hear peoples’ jadedness, their exasperation, and frustration over the many who find their way to our church, asking for money. Some share their experiences of giving money, but then following the person to a drug house. They see their money being used in ways they had not wanted. They resolve to refuse the next time, perhaps helping in other ways.

To hear Sara speak about giving out life giving bread where she also receives it reminds me that all our resources, our very life comes from God. Life and forgiveness. We receive these from God, undeservedly. We go out from our experience with God— and if any followed us, they would see us use these gifts in ways God has not intended.

So it just makes sense that there is one place where all who hunger are fed.

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