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Summer Freedom!
May 15, 2008, 9:52 am
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Summer holds an almost sacred status for a child. The countdown may begin weeks away from the last day of class, and it’s likely each second is counted. Then, at last, the bell rings, and the whispered hope of freedom builds into a rushing chorus of trampling feet.


But freedom from what- for what? My brother just arrived home from his first year of college. After a year of study and student work jobs, I’m sure the freedom he might want is from his studies and hard work, freedom to sleep in, play video games, and stay out late with friends.

In the words of my parents, “Keep dreaming”.

We all have a special freedom through Jesus Christ. We are free from trying to be “good” people, to earn our salvation, to prove that we are better than the next person. We are free from sin and death. We are free from being judged.

So I guess we could argue that we’d be ok “sleeping in”on our faith lives, not really bothering to consider what it means to live as free and chosen children of God. Jesus’ faithfulness has already achieved our righteousness. That faithfulness and righteousness doesn’t disappear if we do something wrong.

But we are free. So free from such confining forces as sin and fear that we just might burst with the same joy as that kid hearing the final bell ring. So let that joy burst out!

Our new 125th Anniversary banners show some colorful people splashing around in the waters of baptismal grace. I’ve seen Zion folks splashing their joy into the world. There are folks working to better the community through various outreach efforts from “In the Bag” and the food pantry to Patriots Gateway and Zion Development Corporation. There are folks lifting each other up in prayer and visiting the homebound. There are folks seeking to discover what it mean to be a Christian and supporting each other in that journey in small groups, Bible studies, and worship. There are folks sharing God’s love with young ones in the many children’s and youth ministries. And there are the varieties of ways that each of us, in our own daily lives, live out our freedom to love.

Freedom is yours, that you may serve in the love of Christ.

 “A Christian is the most free lord of all, and subject to none; a Christian is the most dutiful servant of all, and subject to every one.” Freedom of a Christian, Martin Luther.



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