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I’m just so used to having a man lead worship….
February 13, 2008, 3:34 am
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This is what a member of my intern committee (the group who evaluate me throughout my year of practical learning) has said to me repeatedly. “I’m just so used to having a man lead worship”. “It takes a bit to get used to a woman up front”.

They remark on my voice, not as deep as a male’s- but still loud enough to hear.

They remark on my gestures, my presence. Not as forceful.

I do like one man’s comment that he feels the congregation is being gently gathered when I greet them in a gesture and words of peace. Like God enfolding them in God’s arms, tucking them under mothering wings.

Do I want to embody a Feminist God? I really just want to be seen as a viable option for a clergyperson. I just want to be “Pastor”.

But, if in the meantime, some folks begin to experience a God greater than the old, white male authoritarian god-picture they’ve been carrying around… I suppose that’s not all bad.